Do you know how the pointe shoes are created?

The pointes get the special place in a ballerina’s career and life, that’s why we decided to tell a story about the production process, to show how these pink satin miracles are born. We had a lucky chance to get into a very heart of R-Class company that has been producing ballet shoes for almost 30 years. We depicted the whole process from the birth of an idea, its embodiment in a last form, up to the moment when the shoes come to the hands and then to the feet of a dancer. The pointe shoes are completely hand crafted and made by one master from the beginning to the end, some craftsmen work for the company for more than 20 years – this all ads unique sincerity and warmth. Moreover, the manufacture space itself reminds of the behind the scenes atmosphere. We are happy to present our exclusive video and to invite you to the amazing pointe world together with La Personne.


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