Film “Who is She?” about Prima Ballerina Oxana Kardash

We are presenting documentary about Prima Ballerina of the Stanislavsky Music Theatre Oxana Kardash. What does it mean to be the Principal dancer... Making everyday choice towards the dream and living the absolute improvisation. "Who is she?"

“Always when you are growing up, when you are moving somewhere, there is no ultimate goal, because it is also growing. The deeper you go, the more it seems that you know nothing. The rank of a Prima ballerina is not the very goal in principle, and there was never such a goal – to be a Prima ballerina… Sometimes you look back to your results, and, of course, encourage yourself in your achievements, but… anyway I don’t feel the full and unconditional rank of a Prima”.

Оxana Kardash



A Film by Alisa Aslanova

Co Executive Producer Karina Zhitkova

Editor Katarina Bornovitskaya


Production by © La Personne Studio 2018


Under the support of Stanislavsky Music Theatre.