V.I.V.A.T. – Ivan Vasiliev

V.I.V.A.T. is getting ready for it’s first premiere. On May 14th at the RAMT theatre you ll see the new program by Ivan Vasiliev “The Beginning. Strings. Amadeus”. It will be three one-acted ballets with the dancers from Bolshoi theatre. Video by Alisa Aslanova from the photoshoot of the premiere poster by V.I.V.A.T

Photographer: Charles Thompson

Starring: Maria Vinogradova, Ivan Vasiliev

Producer: Darina Timofeeva

Make up: Anastasiya Ignatova (Nars)

Hair: Alexey Nagorskyi ( Loreal PRO)

Style: Anastasya Kandrashina

Brands: Yanina Couture

Arsenicum (Dmitry Loginov)

Music: Dj V1 One Prod