Blitz with Principal dancer of the Royal Danish Ballet Marcin Kupinski.

Photo story: Morgan Norman

Style: Maria Montti

Grooming: Jessica de la Torre 
Photographers Assistant: Alma Bengtsson

A bright moment from childhood?

I think at my uncle’s wedding where I stood up on a little podium and started dancing by myself. Must have been the first time I felt I enjoyed performing on “stage” 🙂

The book you are reading… 

12 rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

Who is your idol, hero?

Misha Baryshnikov

What do you hate in the people?

Stupidity and not learning from the history 

Any person you want to meet?

Quentin Tarantino

What is the most important in your life?

Joy, piece and harmony

Extraordinary skills you would like to have… 

Reading other people’s minds 🙂 

If the city, which one is your favourite? Why?

New York – so vivid, energetic, so much happening I don’t think one can be bored


In my playlist…

My most played song right now is “Blinding Lights” by The Weekend

I’m proud of…

Myself that I achieved so much

I can not live without…

Music and dance 

Relationship with social networks?

I’m there sometimes to check up what my friends are up to

Attitude to criticism? 

I like criticism supported by good feedback first, then later you can point out few things that could be improved 

The most difficult part?

Getting up in the morning 


For everyone to get along, joy and happiness, and lots of friends

Secret of success? 

Stay vulnerable and open to learn from everyone 

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