Blitz with artist of the Royal Danish Ballet Marina Minoiu.

Photo story: Morgan Norman

A bright moment from childhood

The moment I came in contact with my first ballet lesson alongside my sister.

The book you are reading…

In the Cafe Of Lost Youth – Patrick Modiano

Who is your idol, hero?

My mother and my family.

Johan Kobborg who is a big source of inspiration for me in my professional life.

What do you hate in the people?

I hate dishonesty and hypocrisy. People being fake.

What is your perfect day?

My perfect day is when I finish a day full of rehearsal or a performance and I am extremely tired but still with a smile on my face.

I can call  that a perfect day when I know that through work I  have achieved something that day.

Also on a daily basis a beautiful day for me it is when the sun is out ( Who lives in CPH understand me )  surrounded by my friends and family.

Any person you want to meet?

Martha Argerich. 

What is the most important in your life?

For me one of the most important things in my life is love in all its forms. 

Then the awarness of where you are at each moment of your life and being grateful for the good and the bad lessons that life has thrown at you. Understanding why things are happening or have happened  in a certain way, where did they lead me and then making connections among all these.

Extraordinary skills you would like to have…

I think that I would like to be able to have the extraordinary skill of healing people.

If the city, which one is your favourite? Why?

I have couples, I don’t think I could really choose one. But I should mention Ravello, Florence, Copenhagen, London, New York, St. Petersburg.

The first two I would choose for the landscapes, the beauty that they have, the richness in culture and art especially Florence. It is beautifully overwhelming the concentration of art in that little renaissance city.

Copenhagen because I fell in love with it many years ago, even before I moved in. London guess because of my fascination towards the English history and their elegance. New York because it has a crazy intersting vibe. St. Petersburg because it is magical for so many reasons including beng a universe in classical dance and art.

All of them had something that stayed with me after I have visited them. In regards of their energy, rythm, historical point of view. 

 I am very drawned generally by a city or a country that has a rich history and culture. 

In my playlist

You will always find a very big mix of classical music, jazz, electronic, pop, sacred music.

What I listen usually depends on my mood and what kind of day I have or lies ahead in front of me.

I’m proud of…

My sister, Alice.

I can not live without…


Relationship with social networks

I find them really good to make and keep connections with people. Professional field or social wise.

Attitude to criticism

I think criticism it is good as long as it is towards a constructive direction and sometimes a good source of learning, questioning, challenging yourself.

The most difficult part

The daily work between the physical side and the mental side as a dancer. 


To dance Tatiana from “Onegin”.

Going to classical music concert at Berliner Philharmoniker.

Live a beautiful love story.

Secret of success

Have faith, work hard and follow your goal. 

Don’t give up when times are difficult and be brave enough to step out of your confort zone.

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