Special project Foreigners in St. Petersburg

It has been long time the Russian ballet has opened its doors to the world, and our domestic theatres confirm the statement. The companies have become very multinational: with the dancers from Korea, Japan, Brazil, USA and Europe. The foreign names are so hotly favourite to the Russian audience, and we’ve been already watching the dancers graduating from Russian academies. La Personne team has met seven foreigners, dancing in Mariinsky Theatre, and created extended photo stories about future (and current!) heroes of the Russian stage. We were wandering with them by the windy Neva costs, we got behind the scenes and to the studios and even asked to be allowed to visit the secret art and sculpture workshops of St. Petersburg.  

Camilla Mazzi


Author: Olga Ugarova

Photographer: Yulia Mikheeva

MUAH: Evgenia Somova

I came to the ballet school in my home city Torino, when I was 10. My mother tried to carry me when I was 5, but I didn’t like it then by any reason (laughing). And later a doctor recommended dance lessons for healthy spine and posture. From the second time I got involved and trained with pleasure. For some years I was attending the lessons by Oxana Kichenco in Italy, who had graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and worked in the Bolshoi Theatre. She prepared me for entering the Academy in Moscow.  

My first year in the Academy was very hard. A new life began for me – in another country, in a big city, surrounded by foreign culture, and I was just a child. But later I got used to it, I learned Russian and successfully graduated from Irina Syrova’s class. I was perfectly taught by her, so I was invited to the Mariinsky theatre.  

I am very glad that finally I have got to St. Petersburg. Both the city and the theatre are like amazing daydreams. You may not believe, but I am still deeply in love with a view to Nickolsky Cathedral from the Kruyukov channel, in spite of walking alongside it every day while going to the theatre. It seems to be the most beautiful panorama in the city. 

My coach in the theatre is incredible Margarita Kullik. Now we are preparing a part of Princess Florine. I am so happy about this premiere! The Sleeping Beauty is my favourite ballet. And also I adore The Carnival, which I dance too. May be because it is joyful and it matches my temper. It matches my soul (smiling). 

Special thanks to PR-department of the Mariinsky Theatre and Vitaly Kotov in person for assistance in creating the material. 

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