First appearance on stage

When I was five years old, I performed as “page” in «Nutcracker», which was a big responsibility for me.

I do not like


In my playlist

Classical music and pop music.

I’ve never tried

Riding water scooter.

I always have these three things with me

Mobile phone, lip balm and a piece of chocolate.

Favorite city


I’m proud of

My family – it is a big blessing for me.

A bright moment from childhood

When I was seven years old I went often to swimming pool. I always wanted to try to jump from the springboard , but always was afraid of it ( even if it was only 1,5 meters high ). After some weeks I decided that I can not be afraid of it and jumped. After that time I felt a lot of happiness and felt really proud of myself, because I understood that many things are possible as long as we take away the fear.

I am reading

“Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts.

Perfect day

In the mountains by the lake or on the beach.


The biggest idol for me is Sylvie Guillem.

I can not live without



I have one big dream from when I was little and I will share it with all when I’ll reach it.

Secret of success

Working hard without giving up.

Relationship with social networks

50% addicted 50% can easy live without.

Attitude to criticism

Thank you! Either it’s positive or negative.

The most difficult part

It’s hard to answer. I guess there is no easy parts in our profession.

The ability that I would like to have


The Secret of Happiness

Don’t take everything close to your heart, always find something positive in everything and SMILE often, it influences people to either smile back or feel the positive atmosphere.

Photo by Ira Yakovleva

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