Film “ELEMENTAL” about Ksenia Shevtsova

We are presenting the most candid La Personne film about Ksenia Shevtsova, the Prima Ballerina with The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre. Owing to the heroine, this story turned from the classical documentary into something absolutely honest and genuine. This season Ksenia won a jackpot - she was promoted to the Prima Ballerina, she became the best ballerina of The Big Ballet project, she gained the Soul of the Dance award as a rising star. The new roles appeared in her repertoire, such as Giselle, Odette/Odile, Manon. But the film isn’t about the achievements. The interview was shot once and wasn’t edited by Ksenia. She isn’t afraid of being unpleasant, she isn’t playing for camera, she is far from any banality. It is so rare in the ballet world, isn’t it? She conquered our hearts with her strength of spirit, because a rare person can be absolutely honest towards himself and confess the things that may not be accepted by the society. But she is Elemental... Probably, that’s a secret.


“The art isn’t obliged to be beautiful. Let it just bring emotions. It is obliged to touch your soul, to tickle, to wake up… It isn’t always caused by good things, sometimes the sad, the bad, the disgusting inspires you. The main art goal is to make you feel”.

Ksenia Shevtsova



A Film by Alisa Aslanova

Translator Katarina Bornovitskaya


Under the support of Stanislavsky Music Theatre.


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