Three things that are always in your bag…

М: Lipstick, perfume, mint.

А: I don’t have a bag.

The book you are reading…

М: La Damme aux Camelias.

А: Anna Karenina.

Who is your idol, hero?

М: John Lennon.

А: Freddie Mercury.

The bad side of you What you hate in yourself?

А: Smoking, probably. 

М: I don’t know, there are too many. Self-criticism.

What do you hate in the people?

М: Fakeness.

А: Yeah, fakeness probably is the most…

What is your perfect day?

М: Wake up late, have good breakfast, sun, relaxing day, no work…
А: I like most these other days, when you work a little bit, and then enjoy your day.

Any person you want to meet?

М: Audrey Hepburn. 

А: Freddie Mercury.

What is the most important in your life?

А: Family’s house.

М: Same. 

Extraordinary skills you would like to have…

А: To stop time.

М: To fly.

Favourite clothes?

М: Comfortable sportswear, which I don’t wear very often, but it’s my favourite. 

А: I like jackets, different jackets.

City or village? 

М: City.

А: Something in between.

М: We actually live in a small city, big village yeah.

If the city, which one is your favourite?

М: Amsterdam, I think…

А: Amsterdam.


А: It’s not Holland, obviously. Spain.

М: Asia, Japan. I wouldn’t like to live their but I like.

If you are an animal, who are you?
М: Panther. 

А: Bear. Arthur actually from Greek is a bear. 

Things you appreciate in a woman mostly

А: Beauty
М: The human mother nature for her to be able to take so much pain to give birth.

And in a man?

А: Honesty, I think.
М: I agree with him.


Photographer ©Altin Kaftira

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