First entering the stage

I was five years old, dressed in a crazy lambada costume, make-up – red lips and blue eye shadows.

In my playlist

Depends on current mood, maybe rock, maybe classics

I’ve never tried


I am proud of

Proud of nothing yet

Bright moment from the childhood

Entering the choreographic college

I can’t leave without…


Secret to succeed

Work, work and work one more time

Attitude to social media

Like sunflower seeds – very annoying, but no way to quit

Attitude to criticism


Stage epic fail

In The Swan Lake I slipped and fell down in a first scene

The hardest role

I can’t choose one, every is difficult in its own way

Ability you would like to possess

To perceive different situations in a lighter manner

Mostly appreciated qualities for a man


Mostly appreciated qualities for a woman


Your main disadvantage

I do not care enough of my family

The country you would like to live in

In Italy, I want the sun!

Favourite colour

Lately the blue

Favourite flower


Favourite bird

The crane


At the moment, Ezio Bosso

Favourite historic heroine


Historic personalities you despite


If to be not yourself then who

Audry Hepburn

Vices you feel indulgence to


Personal motto

Don’t give up

Photo Alisa Aslanova

Style Diana Klochko

MUAH Nika Kostina

Look Bodypoetry

La Personne

The original independent ballet media in Russia

La Personne