I began dancing quite late, first in international competitive Latin ballroom with my partner Irena, at the age of 16.

And then at the age of 17, I discovered ballet which I did not know existed, in a small ballet school in my hometown of Philadelphia. After training there for 2 years I moved to NYC and circulated around through different ballet programs and coaches. I have been quite fortunate, receiving scholarships for full tuition to most of the institutions, and have been able to attend summer courses at Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Ellison Ballet School, Royal Danish Ballet – Danish Ballet Masters, Lines Ballet Workshop, Dresden International Ballet Summer Course, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, among numerous others.

My most former coach in NYC was Valentina Kozlova, from the Bolshoi Theatre herself. She is a very expressive and intellectual woman, and she has given me so many opportunities and experiences. She is quite charming, and a passionate figure in the art world.

I have spent more of my present moments trying to explore more contemporary movement, free lancing and choreographing. I love the stage. It is such a sacred place. Of silence, of music, of thought and stillness; a blank canvas that I am trying to find a home to break molds and boundaries of body types, and image and skin colour.

There are so many inspirational places to pull ideas from, in daily life that we neglect. From literature, architecture, music, and I hope to create stories and moments that the audience can experience on such a humane and personal level.

I believe this is where art should be directed.




Author Karina Zhitkova

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